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Merciless Gift – Opened in New York
Published in Dutch on 3 September 2019; 265 pages
Paperback € 20 / e-book € 9,95

Marylene Smeets (1968) was diagnosed with a chronic disease in 2003. Eighteen years later, she feels happier and healthier than before she received this news, thanks to a holistic approach which assumes there’s a direct link between physical complaints and mental patterns. In Merciless Gift – Opened in New York she describes her path. A 36-page appendix discusses the various components of her approach, which basically can be applied to any health challenge.

When Marylene is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she lives in her dream city of New York and has just started a temporary job at United Nations Headquarters. While applying for a permanent job there, she begins a search in both the regular and alternative health circuits of The Big Apple – for physical as well as mental health. Her path leads along peculiar health gurus and hot dates; in the end she experiences everything as healing.

Merciless Gift relates Marylene’s evolution from experiencing such severe MS symptoms that she can barely walk a few city blocks on New York’s hot and humid days, to such good health that she plays tennis in Central Park on so-called oven days.

Merciless Gift shows how a diagnosis can help you live your best life. This compelling story about the connection between body and mind clarifies and inspires.”

Johan Noorloos – yoga teacher; writer of The New Yoga Book and The Insight; and owner of The New Yoga School in Amsterdam

“This poignant, sometimes entertaining, inspiring, combative, compelling, occasionally magical publication, with many beautiful moments, is for persons dealing with health challenges, but also with other challenges, as well as anyone interested in growth in general. […] A valuable publication, a source of support for anyone who wants to give direction to his or her life.”

Ben Daeter – reviewer of the Netherlands’ library-supply foundation NBD Biblion