Background Info

I devote half of my site to tree hugging because I believe that our personal health is nowhere without a healthy world. The well-being of the earth affects ours through what we eat, drink, breathe, wear… And we influence the destiny of the earth. According to a report released by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2018, we have until 2030 to prevent catastrophic climate change, for which we need to reduce CO2 emissions by 45 percent.  The UN Secretary-General called a later report of the Panel “a code red for humanity.” I think we can all help prevent disastrous warming of the climate by allocating our money accordingly.

In my spending pattern, I keep in mind what Triodos Bank so beautifully calls the “positive changing power” of money. I try to give my money to restaurants, hotels, shops, and organizations that aim to contribute to a healthier world. The links below point to services and products that I wholeheartedly recommend — out of enthusiasm; I don’t get any compensation for it.

I have received many of the below products via mail. I’m well aware that the shipment of goods is a huge contributor to climate change. As the UN Secretary-General stated in an address at Columbia University in 2020: if one counted shipping as a country, “it would be the world’s sixth biggest greenhouse gas emitter.” Still, I prefer to order environmentally conscious items remotely over buying things nearby that are harmful to the environment. I hope that as the demand for harmful items falls and that for environmentally friendly items rises, local stores will sell more of the latter.

In addition, Etsy, from which I order a lot, offsets the CO2 emissions caused by shipping products sold through it. Etsy does this by investing in projects that reduce emissions by the same amount, at no additional cost to the buyer. Etsy believes, like I do, that “if we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a better, healthier place.”