Clothing and Accessories (online)


Based in the United States, Hanky ​​Panky sells sexy underwear made from environmentally conscious materials and dyed with environmentally conscious fabric dye. The company does not use fur, feathers or leather; strives to make all packaging and shipping materials from recycled paper or FSC-certified products; offsets its CO2 emissions; donates its textile waste to charity; and recycles old lingerie.

From Sandmaiden, which is also located in the US, I ordered several night gowns made of the sustainable material bamboo. They are well crafted, comfortable and beautiful.


love this wallet, made in the United Kingdom from old fire hoses. It is lined with parachute silk and is shipped in a handy parachute-silk bag. The friendly people of Elvis and Kresse immediately responded to my request if I could get a wallet with no letters on it; I received one in no time.