Personal Care

🌏 Cosmetics

Dr. Hauschka has an extensive line of skin care and make-up with a good heart: “Whether focusing on compost in our garden, a cultivation project in Africa or a product formulation, we always work to support the healing of humanity and the earth.” I’ve been using the delicious Rose Cream for decades.


Solaris ships different types of facial-rejuvenation instruments — based on ancient rituals — in the most environmentally conscious way possible. I enjoy using the gua sha scraper made from rose quartz.

🌎 Makeup Remover

The makeup remover of the environmentally conscious company Aveda has been serving me well for years. The remover comes in a bottle that consists largely of recycled plastic.

🌎 Razor Blades

The US-based Preserve turns recycled yogurt containers into razor blades that last for years.

🆕 🌎 Shampoo

I love the shampoo bar and accompanying tin I got at Lush. A bar is said to last 80 washes, so it can not only save plastic, but also money.

🇺🇸 Sunscreen