United States

🆕🇺🇸 Andalusia

This Maroccan oasis in east Memphis is run by a wonderful husband-and-wife team. Some 70 per cent of the food is organic, with tomatoes from the farm of relatives being used for sauces. Andalusia is clearly a mainstay for locals, and I can see why!



A small, warm restaurant on a corner near the subway in Harlem. Clay turns local, seasonal ingredients into festive dishes.

After an elating dinner with the friend whose name is CJ in my memoir


🗽 Cookshop

A cool restaurant with a terrace along 10th Avenue in Chelsea. The good wait staff serves seasonal, local, and sustainable food that is tasty.




🗽 Crave Fishbar

A great restaurant that offers locally caught, sustainable fish as well as tasty vegan dishes. I’ve been to the Crave Fishbar in Midtown East, where the ambiance is festive and the terrace a good spot to enjoy a sunny lunch. There is also a location on the Upper West Side.



The various branches of Le Botaniste (in Soho, among others) are CO2 neutral and offer excellent organic, gluten-free, vegan food. It’s also suitable for people following the paleo principles — for example, the friendly service gladly replaces the brown rice in the “Tibetan Mama” dish with cauliflower rice. Le Botaniste cleverly puts bottles of water and glasses on the table, so that waitstaff is not constantly pouring you more water than you want, which undoubtedly will be thrown away later. In addition, the mini chain carries metal containers that can serve as doggy bags. I take one with me whenever I eat out, scooping up whatever is left on my plate to eat at a later point, preventing waste of food as well as of bags and containers. Long live Le Botaniste! (I just hope it’ll balance the posters with female nudity by posters of male nudity — either removing the former or adding the latter…)



This top restaurant in the town of Barnstable on the island of Cape Cod serves sustainably caught fish, organic meat, and local seasonal produce.

Great place for a birthday dinner!


🗽Palo Santo

This cozy restaurant in Park Slope describes its cuisine as, “Pan-Latin Cooking in a Brooklyn Brownstone.” The delicious food is responsibly sourced: grass-fed meat, free-range chicken, sustainably caught fish, and local seasonal vegetables.



A charming French restaurant located on one of the nicest streets in the East Village. Papilles focuses on organic, seasonal, local food and wild-caught fish — with delicious results.


🆕🇺🇸 The Farmer at Railgarten

This farm-to-table restaurant in midtown Memphis serves delicious food in a fun ambiance. On a stroll through the restaurant, the chef told us passionately about the sustainable sourcing of the food he serves.



This exquisite restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, which has a terrace on 10th Avenue, runs on wind energy and cooks on wood from local orchards! The Marshal serves local food, local wine, and local liquor.



A great restaurant just below Union Square. Its dishes are local, seasonal, and sustainably sourced.