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This top restaurant in the town of Barnstable on the island of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, serves sustainably caught fish, organic meat, and local seasonal produce.

Great place for a birthday dinner!


🆕🇺🇸 Andalusia

This Maroccan oasis in east-Memphis, Tennessee, is run by a wonderful husband-and-wife team. Some 70 per cent of the food is organic, with tomatoes from the farm of relatives being used for sauces. Andalusia is clearly a mainstay for locals, and I can see why!


🆕🇺🇸 The Farmer at Railgarten

This farm-to-table restaurant in midtown Memphis, Tennessee, serves delicious food in a fun ambiance. On a stroll through the restaurant, the chef told us passionately about the sustainable sourcing of the food he serves.