This kind cobbler in Chelsea works wonders with shoes and bags. (absent a website of the company itself)


A great initiative that allows you to order food delivered in reusable containers, which you can return with your next DeliverZero order. If you want to get rid of them faster, you can also drop them off at DeliverZero-affiliated restaurants. And there are more and more of those!

🆕🇳🇱 Greenchoice

The Dutch Consumentenbond and NGOs Natuur & Milieuand WISE Nederland / WISE International have published the below list of the greenest energy companies in The Netherlands. Someone I know switched to one of the companies on the list, Greenchoice, and likes it — also because of the lower prices.


Such a small enterprise that it has no website nor online reviews. But Jimmi’s has repaired many of my pieces of jewelry for a song. Plus, I think it’s a fun adventure to climb the stairs to this third-floor set-out in the Diamond District.; telephone: +212-221-1945 and +646-468-3672; email:


The friendly people of uBreakiFix have given quite a few of my electronics a new lease on life. They’ve also figured out for free what was wrong with a charging cord, so that I only needed to replace the broken part. uBreakiFix has a large number of locations throughout the United States.


This florist, which delivers throughout the United States, cooperates with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. It has outstanding customer service.