Merciless Gift — Unwrapped in New York

is the title of my memoir on how I healed from a serious disease in a holistic way. My approach can basically be applied to any health challenge. My book has been released in Dutch; I’d greatly welcome any tips on how to find an agent for the English-language version!

Shortly after I started my job at UN Headquarters in 2002, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Thanks to a holistic approach based on the assumption of a direct connection between physical complaints and mental patterns, I’ve been free from symptoms since 2005: I ride bikes, play tennis and dance to my heart’s content. Information about my healing path can be found at the bottom left of this site.

My understanding of health is so holistic that it includes a healthy world. That’s why at the bottom right there’s information about “tree hugging”.

I hope you’ll find the information on this site useful. Your feedback is most welcome!